Canadian photographer, Stephen (Stef) McNeill, grew up in a small town near Toronto. At the age of 16, he enrolled in a photography course and was required to shoot a roll of black and white film for his first assignment. He borrowed a 35mm camera and fired off the film in his backyard. Weeks later, the students were given a lesson on the solarisation technique. He was hooked.

To help fuel his passion for photographic art, McNeill moved to Toronto in 1979 and began his apprenticeship training in the graphics industry as a camera technician and an imaging specialist. During this time, he branched out to the art’s scene and voluntarily took on photography assignments to gain experience.

In 1983, he produced The Grand Illusion – a presentation that combined photography, mime and live music – resulting in the first public exhibition of his art. Commissioned work for agents, artists, theatre companies and advertising soon followed. After years on the circuit, he turned his sights to photojournalism documenting street people, places and events.

McNeill phased out his graphics career in 2003. In the interim, he built a new darkroom, dusted off his archives and persevered with art projects. Throughout his career, he’s had a deep affinity for black and white imagery and print-making. McNeill is one of the few accomplished printers still working today.

To date, his image-making journey has spanned over thirty five years. Despite dwindling resources, McNeill’s dedication to analogue processes continues. He contributes his work to private collections, galleries, performance artists, publications and educational/charitable institutions.

2014  Berlin Tut Gut  Artist Studio Viewing  Toronto, Canada
2013  The Projection Booth  Revue Cinema  Toronto, Canada
2011  Seven Places  Hockley Valley Resort  Orangeville, Canada
2006  The Andean Divide  The Academy of Spherical Arts  Toronto, Canada
2000  Motion by Moment  Doris Proff Gallery  Berlin, Germany
1997  Tibetan Book of the Dead  Chionin Temple  Kyoto, Japan
1997  Eros of Love and Destruction  Aoyama Enkei Theatre  Tokyo, Japan
1996  Enigma Variations  Inner Stage Theatre  Toronto, Canada
1995  Published Prints  Graphic Trade ’95  Toronto, Canada
1983  The Grand Illusion  The Curtain Club  Richmond Hill, Canada

2017  Alternative Photo Revolution  Dylan Ellis Gallery  Toronto, Canada
2017  Alternative Photo Revolution  L’Entrepot  New Orleans, USA
2017  Alternative Photo Revolution  Glen Echo Park  Glen Echo, Maryland USA
2015  Roads  Arta Gallery  Toronto, Canada
Photographers You Should Know About  The Elaine Fleck Gallery  Toronto, Canada
The Best of 2009  The Elaine Fleck Gallery  Toronto, Canada
Chiaroscuro  arts N.D.G.  Montréal, Canada
In The Event  Simcoe Gallery  Toronto, Canada
Together Torn Apart  Trattoria al Forno Restaurant  Toronto, Canada

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