Berlin Is Good For You

Unveiling A City Straining To Be Reborn
(1988 - 2000)

Berlin Is Good For You

The German phrase, Berlin Tut Gut, is seen on a banner in one of my photographs of the old Olympic Stadium in Berlin. This simple and widely used advertising slogan was circulated by the Berlin tourist office in the 1980s. Translated, Berlin is good for you, its frame of reference is found in these images to evoke the close ties between place and politics, and to regard the historical importance of the fall of the Wall as recognition for building hope.

In memory of the Wall's collapse, this collection offers a glimpse of an era in transition, set between 1988-2000. Remnants of Nazism and the Cold War are evident in the images, as is the Wall itself, unveiling a new Berlin straining to be reborn.

(In June, 1990, I became one of the so-called “wall peckers” who helped take down the wall.) See story, "Building Hope, Not Walls"

A Unified Marathon

Calm Before The Fall

Freedom Fighter

Memories Of Jesse Owens

Communism For Sale

Control House

Divided Societies

Reunification Revolt

Fragments Of History

Busking in Alexanderplatz

Grenzmauer 75

Guest Workers

Changing of the Guard

In Bed With Communism

West Side Cut

New Friendships

Passage To The West

Portrait Of A Soldier

Founded in East Germany

Touring The Wall

Watching The Race

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