Debut Art Book

CAPTURE: A Photographic Journey in Three Acts

The natural optical phenomenon known as the camera obscura, Latin for “dark chamber,” is the seemingly magical space that gave life to the photographic camera. This marvel can be seen both as a narrative and metaphor in CAPTURE, a literary space where images collide with storytelling in a theatrical setting — an empty stage, if you will.

Stephen McNeill's engaging debut book is presented like a play: a candid, often humorous sketch of a career that began the day McNeill first picked up a Kodak Brownie Bullet camera at the age of eight. From that moment, we are taken on a journey that uses time shifts to illuminate the effect of the past on the present. Apart from enjoying the visual content, you — much like an audience member — are encouraged to use your imagination to construct the walls, props and characters of each scene. In doing so, you become not only a spectator but also a participant.

Rich in tone and anecdote, CAPTURE is illustrated by 100 reproductions of McNeill's work, threaded together with lively recollections, “picture stories” and absorbing topics related to photography’s history. No matter how you weave your way through it, CAPTURE is sure to be an enjoyable ride, especially for those who have a fascination with photography and an unrelenting desire to capture “something.”

To coincide with photography’s upcoming bicentennial, a special limited edition of 200 hardcover books have been published.

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