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Water of Life

George Bernard Shaw once quoted, “Whisky is liquid sunshine”.

Inspiration for this project came to mind one evening after many hours of work in the darkroom. Needing a break, I poured myself a single malt. The bold, smooth flavours barely had a moment to swell the back of my throat before I noticed a glitter of light bouncing off the near-empty whisky bottle. Oddly unmindful of its shape in the past, I marvelled at its elegant design. I then tucked in another shot of what remained and had an idea.

The next day, I made arrangements with a local pub to pick up an assortment of their empty whisky bottles. Removing the labels was the first challenge. In due course, I discovered that these overlooked and discarded (hopefully recycled) glass containers were - apart from carrying liquid sunshine - designed with a purpose. Not only does a bottle have to conform to all legal requirements, but it goes through a rigorous branding process.

It’s true. Looks matter. The design of a whisky bottle is very important. Many brands are simple and stylish. Others, innovative and intriguing. Some ...well, they appear destined for a fashion runway show!

Content vs. Marketing: does one buy whisky or the packaging?

Good question. “Single malt. Make it a double, please.”

A Whisky Glow

Bottoms Up



Valley Of The Livet

Liquid Sunshine

On The Rocks

A Bottle's Purpose

Pouring Over A Double

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