"Water of Life"

George Bernard Shaw once said,
“Whisky is liquid sunshine."

Water of Life

Inspiration for this project came to mind one evening after many hours of work in the darkroom. Needing a break, I poured myself some whisky. The bold, smooth flavours barely had a moment to swell the back of my throat before I noticed a glitter of light bouncing off the near-empty whisky bottle. Oddly unmindful of its shape in the past, I marvelled at its elegant design. I then tucked in another shot of what remained and had an idea.

The next day, I arranged with a local pub to pick up an assortment of their empty whisky bottles. Washed and stripped of their labels, I discovered that these glass containers — apart from carrying liquid sunshine — are designed with a purpose. Not only does a bottle have to conform to all legal requirements, but it goes through a rigorous branding process.

It’s true that looks matter. The design of a whisky bottle is important. Many brands are simple and stylish. Others are innovative and intriguing. Some ... well, they appear destined for a fashion runway show!

Content vs. marketing: does one buy whisky or the packaging? Good question. “Single malt. Make it a double, please.”

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