Second Floor  Toronto, Canada  2001

A Space Enclosed  Berlin, Germany  2000

The Alausi Crossroads  Alausi, Ecuador  2002

Benched  Sydney, Australia  1997

Beyond Ruin?  Berlin, Germany  2000

Black Mannequin  Ottawa, Canada  2002

Bus Stop  Paris, France  2014

Entrance to 199  New York, USA  1997

Icicles  Toronto, Canada  2001

Lawn Sale  Toronto, Canada  1999

On Display Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, France  2014

Paris Punker  Paris, France  1983

Street Dancers  New York, USA  1997

Tangled  New York, USA  1997

Window in Patmos  Patmos, Greece  1983

UFO  Sydney, Australia  1997

Urban Renewal  Toronto, Canada  2015

Baisers-Voles  Montréal, Canada  2011

Woman in Uig  Uig, Scotland  2001

Father and Son  Alausi, Ecuador  2002

The End of Photography  Toronto, Canada  2015

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